What is a beeswax Wrap'd?

Bee Wrap'd wraps are an alternative to plastics wraps.  They are a fantastic way to wrap and cover your food knowing that you are reducing plastic waste and keeping your food fresh.

We lovingly create our Wrap'd locally in South Australia, using the finest quality ingredients ~ Organic Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Gum Resin.

How long will my Wrap'd last

Depending on care and use, your Wrap'd should last up to 12 months or longer.

How to care for your Wrap'd or Wrap'd Bags

After use, rinse under tepid water and allow to sit in drain rack until dry.  If you do have some food you on your wrap'd you can use a mild detergent and gently wipe your wrap'd and then it is ready to use again.

With our bags, rinse under tepid water or you can use a small amount of detergent to clean the inside of your bag.  Place over a dish drainer and allow to dry.  You can also turn them inside out to give a gentle clean.

Do not use in microwave or store near heat and direct sunlight

How to use your Wrap'd

Place your Wrap'd over bowl and use your hands to mould it.  If wrapping food, the warmth of your hands will allow you to mould it around your food and seal it.

What can I use my Wrap'd for?

You can use for Wrap'd to cover food and bowl's to ensure that they are kept fresh.

DO NOT use your Wrap'd directly on raw meats or fish where they will have direct contact.  You can use your Wrap'd to cover a dish containing these raw foods, just ensure that your Wrap'd does not come into contact with the raw meats.

Some examples of Wrap'd sizes and uses are:

X Small  145mm x 145mm ~ cut lime, small lemon, dip covers, small avocado, cucumber ends, tomatoes and much more

Small  200mm x 200mm ~ lemon, lime, mango, avocado, cheese, small salad bowl and more

Medium  340mm x 300mm ~ lettuce, celery, carrot, leftovers, bread and more

Large 400mm x 400mm ~ bread, celery, watermelon, large bowls and more

Snack Bag ~ 170mm x 90mm ~ nuts, dried fruits, small cheese and more

Medium Bag ~ 220mm x 110mm ~ cucumber, tomato, lunch wrap, and more

Lunch Bag ~ 225 x 180mm ~ pack your sandwich, washed lettuce leaves, tomatoes and more

Don't forget your toothbrush ~ 215mm x 65mm ~ toothbrush and floss.  It will keep your toothbrush nice and hygienic.


Where do we ship ~ World Wide.  Depending on the country of shipping and the local postal service will depend on time frames for shipping.  If you do wish to purchase, please contact us so that we can advise different shipping methods available.

Within Australia ~ all postage is FREE.  However, it does not include insurance for loss or damaged goods, please contact us at beewrapd@gmail.com if you do wish for your goods to be insured.